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Rules and Information

Welcome to the 2018 North Platte Farmers Market!! Our priority is to serve our local community. The North Platte Farmers Market allows vendors who are from Lincoln County and surrounding Counties. This includes Custer, Dawson, Frontier, Hays, Keith, Logan, McPherson, and Perkins counties. The Market Board will consider vendors from other counties within the state if there is no other local vendor currently serving that product. Contact the Market Manager or a board member for approval.

All vendors must have a sign telling customers where their produce or goods were grown or made. As part of the Boards priority to serve our local community, we want our customers to plainly see where their food/goods come from.



DATES AND TIMES- ALL markets will be held at the west side of the PLATTE RIVER MALL. Vendor’s stalls will be assigned by Market Manager upon arrival. Please do not set-up before talking to Market Manager! The opening of Market will be announced by a bell or someone hollering ‘start selling’! Early sales will not be allowed!

Saturday markets start June 2nd and will continue through October (weather permitting). Saturday Market will be from 8am to 1pm. No set-up before 6:00 am. We need all vendors to be picked up and out of the parking lot within 1 hr. or by 2pm.

Tuesday and Thursday markets will start July 5 & 7 respectively and continue through September. Market will be from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. No set-up before 2:00 pm. Again, we need vendors to be picked up and out of the parking lot within 1 hr. or by 7:00pm.

Vendor Fees- A season of Saturdays, June 4 thru Sept. 24- $85.00 (17 Saturdays, $5.00/spot)

A season of Tuesdays and/or Thursdays – $65.00 and/or $65.00 respectively (13 Tuesdays and 13 Thursdays, $5.00/spot)

If you want to do all markets $215.00 will be the fee for one spot the whole season. All the season prices are through September, because October can sometimes be a finicky month, we will take October one market at a time! If you have paid season Fees for 2016 your October Fees will be$5.00/space.


Punch cards are available-A $30.00 card = 5 punches, and a $60.00 card = 10 punches ($6.00/spot) OR

Daily Fee of $8.00/spot

A spot is one and a half parking spaces, if you need more than one spot you will be charged accordingly.

On the first Saturday of July, August and September, there will be special promotions for the market. More information will be provided when arrangements are made.


*If you plan to sell at North Platte Farmers Market this year, please send your name, business name, contact information, Facebook address if applicable, what you sell and maybe a sentence or two about your business to director@northplattefarmersmarket.com . It will be added to the markets’ website so customers can see the diversity our market offers!

*The Market Manager shall have full power to enforce all rules and regulations within the Market area as authorized by the North Platte Farmers Market Board. Consequences are as follows if offenses occur. 1st notice of offense – verbal, 2nd notice of offense – written statement of offense with a signature required, 3rd notice of offense – 2 week ban from Market.

*Everything sold at the market must be homegrown or homemade/hand embellished. Absolutely, no sales of commercial merchandise. Any commercial merchandise puts the entire Market at risk of termination

*Food products must be labeled with producers name, address and phone number. Ingredients must be listed and all breads must have a net weight on each loaf.

*According to USDA regulations no soft or cream pies, including pumpkin, are allowed to be sold.

*Homemade drinks must either be pre- made in a ‘certified commercial kitchen’ or, if prepared at the market, there must be a free flowing hand washing station available for use. The vendor also must have a ‘temporary food stand permit’ to be able to sell beverages at the market.

*There are safety requirements that need to be followed when selling at the market. If you have questions concerning the sale of hot or cold food items, beverages, baked goods, canned foods, etc., contact the Nebraska Food Inspectors Office at 402-430-5964, Kim McKenna is the food inspector at the time of this writing. NE Farmers Market Guidelines website is also a great resource for Market questions. http://www.agr.ne.gov/publications/foods/market.html

*There will be no sales of live animals at Market. All pets must be on a leash and controlled!

*Permits-If you require permits (egg, live plants, meat, food items, etc.) it is the vendors responsibility to obtain these permits. Contact the market manager or a board member and we will assist if possible. If your business requires a licenses or permits they must be displayed for public viewing.

*If your market vehicle is larger than a pick-up, please let the market manager or a board member know so we can accommodate your needs.

*Your vendor area must be as clean as or cleaner than when you started market that day.

*The Mall does not provide trash containers. Vendors must haul their own trash out of Market area! Do not use trash containers around the Mall, they are privately leased.

*To comply with NE State Farmers Market regulations, produce and food vendors must use new grocery bags for bagging your customer’s purchases. For your convenience the Famers Market Board has purchased bags that are for sale to vendors. There is no mark- up on these bags; they are being sold at cost. See Market Manager or Board member for pricing.


Contact information


Farmers Market Board Members: Director-Cathy Grauerholz, ph. 308-386-6214 or E-mail info@northplattefarmersmarket.com 8696 S. Hershey-Dickens Rd. Hershey, NE 69143

Rose Beirman, ph. 308-870-5300 Jody Weideman, ph. 308-650-0164 Bill Bellinger, 308-530-3397

Lisa Girard, ph. 308-660-2251 Market Manager-Alexis Massie, ph. 308-660-2364 or info@northplattefarmersmaket.com

The Farmers Market Board is excited to see all that Lincoln and its surrounding counties have to offer our local community! We want all, vendors and customers, to have a great market experience. If there is ever a problem that needs to be addressed or a suggestion to be made, please seek out the Market Manager or a Board Member and we will do our best to resolve an issue or make an improvement!