Our Vendors



A Ray of Sunshine

Contact: Sandy Willard

Phone: 308-631-0261

Facebook Page:  A Ray of Sunshine

Sells: Jams, Jellies, baked goods


Biermans of Arnold

Contact: Rose Bierman

Phone: 308-848-2694

Sells: A large variety of produce, bulk available


Chandler Sandhill Honey

Contact: Rachel Chandler

Phone: 308-880-1134

Facebook Page: Chandler’s Sandhill Honey

Sells: Honey and honey products


Country Cookin’

Contact: Courtney Ewald,

Phone: 308-340-4552

Sells: Baked goods


Countryside Greenhouse LLC

Contact: Jean Tobiasson,


Sells: Garden Veggies and flowers


Davis Family Sugar Shack

Contact: Dennie Davis


Website: www.davisfamilysugarshack.com

Facebook Page: Davis Family Sugar Shack

Sells: Pure Organic Maple Syrup


Farmers Cookies

Contact: Nathan Rudloff

Phone: 715-551-1090

Sells: Cookies


From My Farm

Contact: Marie Jones

Phone: 308-539-0668

Sells: Goats milk soaps and lotions


Gourmet Delights

Contact: Lisa Girard

Phone: 308-660-2251

Facebook Page: Gourmet Delights

Sells: Gourmet candy and baked goods


Henry’s Produce

Contact: Justin Henry


Email: huskerjj@hotmail.com

Sells: Beans, Cucumbers, tomatoes, Kohlrabi, Sweet Corn, Peppers


Herndon Farms

Contact: Fay and Linda Herndon

Sells: Tomatoes, Beets, Cucumbers, Pies


Hopkins Honey

Contact: Jackie Hopkins

Phone: 308-289-4281

Sells: Honey and Honey products


Janell or Philip Wonacek

Sells: Wide variety of veggies, Jellies, Cloth books, pot holders, Breads.


JT’s Gold Rush Kettle Korn

Contact: Jen Evans

Email: JTgoldrush@yahoo.com

Facebook Page: JTgoldrushkettlekorn

Sells: kettle corn


Juans Tacos

Contact: Ester Carrizales

Phone: 308-289-6960

Sells: tamales, burritos, salsa, tortillas, enchiladas


Lesa’s Artisan Soap

Contact: Lesa Barnum

Email: llbarnum84@hotmail.com

Facebook Page: LesasArtisanHomemadeSoaps

Sells: Handmade Soap and Body Products, Jewlery


Linda and Maruin Rousey

Phone: 308-532-7708

Sells: Baked goods, veggies


Lupe Rodriguez

Phone: 308-737-8996 or 308-340-3493308-340-3493

Sells: Tamales, Breakfast Burritos, Enchiladas, Beef Burritos


Lyuba Hendricks

Phone: 308-532-8102

Sells: cherries


Maranatha Bible Camp

Contact: Sara and Bob Teters,

Email: sara@maranathacamp.org

Facebook Page: maranathacamp

Sells: Vegetables


Marshall Logan

Sells: misc veggies, garlic

Email: marshall_logan44@yahoo.com


Ogallala Natural Beef

Contact: Scott Hanson

Website: www.ogallalanaturalbeef.com

Facebook Page: OgallalaNaturalBeef

Sells: Beef


Parks Produce & More

Contact: Sharon Park

Phone: 308-650-9071

Email: autumnqueendreamer@gmail.com

Sells: Jelly, Jam, Eggs, Squash, Tomatoes, Greanbeans.


Precious Meadows Jewlery

Contact: Janiee Jeeper

Sells: Beaded Jewlery


Sam and Grandpa’s Garden

Contact: Randy And Linda Blake and Sam

Phone: 308-520-1422 or 308-660-4109

Email: lindajblake@yahoo.com

Sells: Zucchini, Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Greenbeans, Squash, Cucumbers, peppers, Cabbage


Seifer Farms

Contact: Ray Seifer

Address: 1442 S. Seifer Rd.,

Phone: 308-386-8962

Facebook Page: SeiferFarms

Sells: Chicken and Cheese.  For chicken like grandma used to make you have to start with chicken like grandma used to raise!


Soaps from Scratch

Contact: BJ Lyon

Email: bjlyon.1948@gmail.com

Sells: homemade cold process soap and catnip toys


Straight Arrow Bison Ranch

Contact: Marty or Karen Bredthauer

Phone: 308-872-3066 or 308-870-3537

Facebook Page: StraightArrowBisonRanch

Sells: Bison


Sugarsand Farms

Contact: Cathy Grauerholz

Phone: 308-386-6214

Facebook Page: SugarSandFarmsHershey

Sells: Almost all veggies!!


Taste and See Bakery

Contact: Jodi Weideman

Sells: Baked products


Team Binny BBQ

Contact: Mike Binford

Phone: 308-520-9475

Sells: BBQ sauce


The BBQ Stand

Contact: Rob Mandeville,

Phone: 308-530-5139

Website: www.TheBBQStand.com

Facebook Page: The-BBQ-Stand

Sells: Smoked Meat and BBQ


The Prairie Garden

Contact: Dean Peaster or Ryan Zimmerman

Phone: 308-326-4649

Email: (Dean) deanpfarm@gmail.com or (Ryan) rkzimmey@gmail.com

Sells: baked goods and home grown veggies


Thompson Home Raised Lamb

Contact: Colby Thompson

Email: Lamb_2014@outlook.com

Facebook Page: Thompson-Home-Raised-Lamb-

Sells: Lamb meat all cuts


Two Bit Gardens

Contact: Bill and Anna Bellinger

Phone: 308-530-3397

Facebook Page: TWO-BIT-Gardens

Sells: Potatoes, Onions, Radish, Greenbeans, Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Green Peppers, Watermelon, Cantelope


Windmill Dunes Farm

Contact: Doug Babbitt

Phone: 308-289-0889

Sells: flowers, Jams, produce, Landscaping plants and iitems.


Yummy Creations

Contact: Penny Dike

Phone: 308-530-4461

Sells; Baked goods and crafts